Peregrine Wealth Strategies specializes in working with you so you can make the most of your benefits - both while working and into retirement.

Peregrine Wealth Strategies is uniquely equipped and prepared to guide you through your federal benefits, as well as develop an independent, complete wealth management plan. Federal benefits can often be confusing and hard to understand. We take pride in providing you with a clear understanding of your benefits and making the process a smooth one. 

We have been able to serve and guide federal employees with their important financial decisions for over a decade.

Who We Serve and What We Know

Peregrine Wealth Strategies proudly serves all federal employees - Regular, Special Provisions (LEO, ATC, & FF), and Military.

We are skilled and knowledgeable in federal employee benefits, including:

  • CSRS & FERS Pensions
  • Special Retirement Supplement
  • Social Security
  • Survivor Benefit Plan
  • Federal Employee Group Life Insurance - FEGLI
  • Federal Employee Health Benefit - FEHB
  • Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program - FLTCIP
  • Thrift Savings Plan

We are proud to partner with ProFeds to better serve you.

Since federal benefits tend to be very complex and ever changing, our partnership with ProFeds is important to keep us up to date on your benefits.

ProFeds & Federal Retirement Impact Workshops

ProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial professionals serving federal employees. The ProFeds team provides tailored training to financial professionals on the unique complexities of federal benefits to help them provide credible, educational financial planning services to their federal clients. ProFeds is proud to be a federal contractor and make this workshop available free‐of‐charge to federal agencies exclusively through financial professionals in the nationwide ProFeds network.

ProFeds has developed unique workshops helping federal employees apply what they are learning in the classroom to their own situation. Instead of teaching at a very technical level regarding the benefit rules, they aim to educate employees to know the financial impact of retirement and benefit decisions, and to make those decisions carefully based on sound information.

While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, ProFeds is able to break down complex concepts into easy‐to‐understand language to show employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation.

Our Service To You

Peregrine Wealth Strategies offers all federal employees the opportunity to meet to review your unique situation, discuss your goals and objectives, and develop a personalized Federal Benefits Report. This report is incredibly valuable when it comes to looking at the big picture and making important long term financial decisions.